First of all, I settled on a name for the game: OutRunner

Today I will show you a bit how the physics will work. The main thing I wanted to accomplish when I started making this game, was having really smooth and satisfying movement with crazy physics. My vision was that there should be no concept of ‘up’. Allowing players to ride on walls and ceilings without falling down. Here you can see how that looks with two players.

Furthermore the direction in which you will fall depends on where you are and where you are going. Jumping with a ramp behaves as if gravity was pointing in the direction you expect it to. Each player has his own gravity direction.

I have also focused on making the transition between two reference frames as smooth as possible by rotating towards landing spots and changing the direction of gravity before actually landing.

Another feature that will allow me to make some really interesting maps are attracting surfaces. They exert a great force on the players, pushing them down so they won’t fall off, even when riding on the outside of a curved surface at high speeds.