It’s been a while. I will try to update you more frequently from now on. I have been busy working on improving the game and moving closer to a possible release. Most of the core mechanics so far are complete and in a spot where I am really happy how they feel. My next steps will be to create some interesting maps and environments.

What I did since the last devlog:

SFX and Music

I created a system to play music and sound effects for player interactions and the UI.


Powerups will spawn around the map and be collectable by players and can be activated when needed. For now only a boost and jump powerup are implemented but I have some ideas for a few more.

New vehicle

I found a very cool model of a hovering DeLorean and it fits perfectly in this setting. Special thanks to Nicola Piovesan from chaosmonger studio!


Creating a beautiful environment

I have been working on new models to create a stunning atmosphere. Here is a sneak peak of what I am working on.